Registration Tips & FAQ

Registration Tips & FAQ

To register for a program you can do so through our secure web store or by visiting or calling the studio between 10am – 2pm Monday to Friday (please call ahead to make sure Jodi will be in the studio if you are making a trip down).

We changed our registration platform in order to make registration quicker for our clients and more streamlined for offering discounts, coupons and refunds.  Some helpful information for using the new system:

We have selected to go with Amilia for our registration system because they are a Canadian company which means all your information remains in Canada.

To use the new system you need to create an account (you are automatically directed to do this while registering).  You need to either use an email address and password to set up your account or you can create an account through Facebook or Office 365.  You’ll then receive an email asking you to confirm you account.  Once confirmed you are set to start registering for programs.

The first time you select a program to register a window will pop up asking you to create the account owner.  It will ask for your name and gender and to confirm that you are 18 or older.  Once you have saved that information it will take you back to the registration page.


At this point the system will need a bit more info about your program participants.  If you are registering yourself for a program you will see a button beside your name in the registration box asking for your age.  Click that button to add your date of birth which will allow you to register for an adult program.  You do not need to use your full date of birth if you are concerned about sharing that information, but it is important for adult registrations to have the correct year and for child registrations to have the correct year and month.


If instead you are registering a child or another family member click the Add another Person button.

Once you click that button a pop-up will appear where you can enter information about another participant.  You’ll need the enter the name of the participant, gender, whether or not the person is a child or adult and a date of birth.  As mentioned above, you do not need to enter the full date of birth if you are concerned about sharing that information, but it is important for adult registrations to have the correct year and for child registrations to have the correct year and month.

NOTE:  You can add people who are not family members to your account.  Why?  So you can take advantage of our Sibling/Friend discount on some classes.  Add your friend or your son/daughter’s friend to your account so when you register them together you can receive a discount on qualifying classes.  You still need a date of birth to include, but most important is the year and month.

Once the date of birth is saved that participant is ready to register as long as he/she meets the age requirements for a program.  The rest of the process is pretty straightforward from there.

So why did the Playful Pencil change its registration system?

Well, the original system was always meant to be temporary.  It was an inexpensive option while the studio was getting up and running.  Now that we are heading in to year two we wanted something that was more streamlined, took less administrative time and provided opportunities for offering our clients discounts.

For example, with the Winter Session we are able to offer an automatic early bird registration discount for anyone who registers before December 31.  This discount applies to all classes offered by Jodi.

Another discount we are offering on Jodi’s classes is a Sibling/Friend discount.  If you register more than one person as time you automatically receive a discount.

Watch for our promo button for some automatic discounts!

You can watch for these discounts by looking for a PROMO button when you are registering.  Click the button to see what discounts are on offer.  Sometimes you can even double up by registering early and registering more than one participant you can receive both the Early Bird Discount and the Sibling/Friend Discount.

Another advantage is that once your account is set up registering for future programs should be a snap.

We hope that our new system works well for you, but please let us know if you encounter any issues or to alert us to things you don’t like about the new system so we can try to address them.

Thanks!  Jodi.