The following programs are offered by the Playful Pencil.  Visit our registration page to view upcoming schedules.


These camps run when school is out.  Some camps run for a full day (9:00am – 3:00pm) and some run for a half day (9:00am – 12:00pm).  The price varies on the length of the camp and the number of days it runs.



Join us for some creative arts and crafts.  We will play with colours, lines and shapes through a variety of fun and silly projects based on a weekly theme.

ART FOR TOTS (4-5yrs)

Drawing, crafts, and stories! Art for Tots takes children on a new adventure every class. Have fun exploring the amazing world of lines, colours, textures and shapes. Come and go on a journey to the sea, the forest, the city and beyond through art and storytelling.

DRAWING 1 (7-15yrs)

Have fun learning some of the basic methods, tricks and tips for taking what you see and putting it on your paper.  Learn how to work with lines, shading and perspective to create the illusion of depth and form in this beginner program.

DRAWING FUN (7-12yrs)

For students who have already taken a drawing program at the Playful Pencil, Drawing Fun is all about challenging yourself to practice the skills and techniques you’ve learned on new projects each week.  This program will help you stretch and strengthen your observation and drawing skills which will build your confidence to help you succeed with your own personal drawing goals.  Lots of fun and lots of learning!


Spend an afternoon working with pencils, pen and ink, markers, oil pastels and watercolour paints to create a variety of different 2D and 3D projects.  These afternoons are all about being playful and having fun with art.

CARTOONING  (7-12yrs)

Take your ideas and gags and combine them with some simple drawing techniques to tell stories that you and your friends will love! From designing characters to planning your comic page, you will be taking your doodles to the next level!

COMIC FUN (7-12yrs)

For students who have already taken a cartooning class or camp at the Playful Pencil, Comic Fun provides further instruction and practice to help you develop your story ideas and cartoon characters to create comics that you can share with your friends.


The goal of Drawing Club is to provide a fun, creative, hang out spot for kids and teens who like to draw where they can practice some of their drawing skills and be challenged and inspired by their peers.  Use our supplies and equipment to work on your own projects and get some tips and guidance along the way.


Stretch and strengthen your illustration and drawing skills in this class. Projects will be very individualized based on the interest and personal style of each student with a focus on practicing the steps that take a project from initial story and style exploration to final rendering. Lots of learning and fun in this class!


Do you like the style of Manga comics and want to learn how to draw those characters? This program will take you through the steps to draw in the Manga style. Be prepared to practice between classes.


Stretch and strengthen your observation and drawing skills in this class and learn how to not only draw what you see, but how to plan an illustration with balanced composition using a variety of different rendering techniques.

ZEN DOODLING (all ages)

Play with various doodle patterns and mandalas to create your own unique art during these classes. It’s fun and relaxing.  Classes available for various ages.


For the true beginner, this class is not intimidating and will help you learn some of the first tricks to drawing what you see.  We go through it step by step and encourage each student to explore their own style and their own interests.  We work from photographs and from real life and cover perspective, shading, line quality and more.  This class is two for one because we know how intimidating it can be and we want to make it as fun and welcoming as possible.  Don’t be scared!  Drawing is fun!


Portraits don’t need to be intimidating!  Carol will break it down for you; each week you’ll do a warm-up exercise followed by in-depth instruction on a single feature.  Carol will review the structure and proportions of a face with you and will provide demos and instruction on how to describe the eyes, nose and mouth.  At the end of several classes you’ll be much better prepared to tackle a whole portrait.


You can capture the world around you with a sketchbook and a couple of pens! Sue will introduce you to the wonderful pastime of urban sketching through in-class instruction and sketch time.

Class exercises and demos will cover sketching basics such as tools and techniques, composition, perspective, the use of texture and tone. And in 4 weeks you will have a good foundation to further develop your own personal, visual narrative of the world.

Supplies will be provided.


You bring your creativity plus your own beverages like wine, beer, cider, coffee, tea etc (we have wine glasses at the studio so you don’t have to transport those).  We provide some instruction and all the materials you’ll need to experiment with… well doodling!  We’ll work with mandalas, cartooning and zen doodles for a fun evening of creativity and relaxation.